Complete Tasks/Surveys Review 2019: Legit or Scam

PayTime is a get paid to (GPT) site that allows you to earn money online by completing different tasks on the site. The company offers you a sign up bonus of $10 and each day you log into your account, you’ll earn a credit of $0.50. There are different tasks you can perform such as sharing a banner on Facebook, taking surveys, downloading apps, and much more. When you visit the site they let you know that their company is a micro task agency and also an online market research panel. The surveys are offered to people who live in the United States, the UK, Canada and Australia. This is a free site to join and it appears it is an international company. The major problem is that they only offer surveys for a few countries so if you live outside these countries, there won’t be any surveys for you to complete. However, there are plenty of other tasks that you can do to earn money from the site.

How Does It Work?

  1. Like all websites, you’ll need to create an account before you can start working on the site to earn money.
  2. The dashboard is where your information about how much money you’ve earned, if you have any pending payments, and your profile.
  3. If you live in one of the countries that is allowed to take surveys, you’ll need to complete your profile. This makes it easier for the site to send you targeted surveys.
  4. At the top of the website, you’ll find different sub menus. Here is where you can check for different tasks to complete, learn about the referral program, find out what tasks you can promote, how to promote apps, how to promote movies, and how to redeem your pay.

How To Earn Money:

  1. Download Apps: here you can download and install apps to your mobile device. The site lists the value they will pay for each app that has been successfully downloaded and installed on your mobile device. The normal pay for installing apps ranges from $2 to $100 for the completed task.
  2. Surveys: There are a limited number of countries that can participate in the surveys. You can earn $2 to $100 for successfully completing a survey.
  3. Complete Offers: There are a variety of offers that can be completed. The site pays $2 to $100 for completing these offers.
  4. Referral Program: You can find your referral link on the top of the website in the sub menu marked Invite Friends. You’ll earn $0.50 to $1.00 for inviting people to join the site. Your pay is based on the country he person lives in.
  5. Promote Banners: Here you will promote the site’s banners to different Facebook groups. The site provides you with a guide to show you how to do this. Once the banner has been posted, you’ll need to upload a screenshot to the site. Once the screenshot has been verified the site will pay you $0.50 for the task.
  6. Promote Movies and TV Shows: In order to earn money from this task you are required to enter your favorite movie or TV show on the site. The site will generate a link for you to use. Share this link to your different social media sites. When a person signs up for the movie service using your link, the site will pay you $15.

What Are The Pros For Joining This Site?

  1. It is an international site and anyone can join.
  2. The site is free to join.

What Are The Cons Of Joining This Site?

  1. The surveys are limited to a few countries only.
  2. The referral program only pays you when the person joins the site using your referral link. You will not earn any bonuses each month based on the earnings of the person who signed up. Most referral programs will pay you a percentage of the earning the person earns on the site.
  3. The minimum threshold for cashing out is extremely high for a GPT site.
  4. The site pays on a Net30 basis. So once you’ve reached the threshold, you won’t be paid for another 30-days from the site.
  5. There is only one payment proof online. The only payment proof you can find from this site is associated with their banner ads that are posted on the different Facebook groups.
  6. The site has hundreds of negative reviews online.
  7. There is a lack of customer support and nobody will answer your emails or help you if you have an issue.

How Are You Paid?

  1. Before you can request your payment from the site, you’ll need to have a $50 balance or higher in your account.
  2. The site pays out on the 30th of each month.
  3. The site uses a NET30 basis when paying people for their work. This means that the money is held in your account for an additional 30 days before the site will pay you.
  4. You can request your payment through PayPal, Payza, Skrill or Payoneer.
  5. If you’d like a wire transfer, you’ll need a $100 balance in your account.

What Are People Saying About This Site?

  1. When a person finally reaches the $50 threshold and request their payment, the site will immediately change their balance in their account to $12 or less.
  2. When you send in an email to the site, they refuse to respond to your email.
  3. Many people joined this site and were never paid for their efforts.
  4. There is only one payment proof that anyone can find that is associated with this website. This is the payment proof the site gives you to advertise with on Facebook.
  5. The complaints have been posted about this site since 2017. Each person complains about not being paid by the site.
  6. There are many warnings all over he internet telling people to be careful and not join this site.
  7. Many people call this a fake or scam site.


This is a terrible site to join and be paid for your time and efforts. The minimum threshold is extremely high and the company is using a NET30 basis to pay people. Furthermore, when a company offers a person a $10 sign up bonus this sets off red flags that indicates the site is not worth joining. Some people are fooled by this offer and think it is excellent. Furthermore, to pay a person up to $100 for downloading and installing an app on their mobile device isn’t possible. If you’ve ever worked on a GPT site in the past, you know these types of tasks will only pay a few cents for completing the task. The site is using you to get your email address and have people sign up for their movie subscription. They are making money off of you and not paying anyone for their time and efforts. You’ll find thousands of complaints online about this site. My advice to you is to NOT join this site. If you have joined the site it is best you quit now and just walk away. You’ll never be paid for the time you have invested to promote this site.


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