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Microworkers Review 2019: Legit or Scam

Microworkers is an international online platform that matches employers with employees worldwide. As a worker on the site, you will have access to different types of micro jobs to select from. When a job has been successfully completed, the employer or the person who posted the job will deposit the funds in your account. The different types of jobs available on the site are easy to complete and don’t take an extreme amount of time. There are a variety of different types of jobs a person can perform on the site. Many employers offer jobs such as data mining, data labeling, event sequencing, transcription, surveys, data categorization to name a few. There are plenty of other types of work you can find on the site. The site is free to join and it is easy to become a member of the site and start working today.

How To Join The Site:

  1. Just visit the website and fill in the information.
  2. The sign-up process is rather simple and each person will have a worker ID that is associated with their account.
  3. The site only allows you to have one account on the site.
  4. If you’ve forgotten your login information, you can request the information to be sent to your email address.
  5. If you are caught with more than one account on the site, both accounts will be closed, the money you’ve earned will be forfeited, and the company will ban your IP address.
  6. The site does allow you to be an employer and a worker. It is possible to post jobs on the site and also to complete posted jobs.
  7. There are no requirements to join the site. The site doesn’t have a test for you to complete in order to join.
  8. On the site, the jobs are listed on a board. All you need to do is scan through the jobs and read the description. If you believe you can successfully complete the job, then it is possible to accept the job. The employer might have some questions they ask before you are allowed to perform the job.

How Do You Earn Money?

  1. The site has a task link that displays all the available jobs in your area.
  2. There are some jobs that are specific to certain countries and if you don’t live in this country, you won’t have access to these jobs.
  3. Select a job in your area that looks interesting to you.
  4. Read the description of the job and how much it pays.
  5. If you think you can perform this task, simply click on the accept button. Otherwise, decline the task and move on.
  6. The site rates each of the jobs using a success rate.
  7. This ensures the employer that the job has been performed according to the description and it prevents workers from posting spam and low-quality output for the job.
  8. The success rate also stops people from posting a fake proof the job has been completed.
  9. The success rate on the site is very important. If you do a poor job at completing the different tasks the employer will give you a negative rating.
  10. When selecting a task to perform on the site, it is necessary that you only accept a task that you can perform. This ensures that you maintain a high success rating on the site.
  11. You will need to maintain a success rate above 75% in order to continue working on the site and performing the jobs.
  12. Not only does the site rate the workers using a success rating, but the workers are also rated by a reputation. The reputation is a star rating that is next to the tasks that have been completed.
  13. At times there are positions for group jobs that can be performed on the site. You can find these jobs under the HQ tab on the site. An employer will choose certain members to participate in these group jobs. You will be selected by your reputation on the site. The higher your reputation on the site, the more likely an employer will select you to participate in one of these group jobs.

What Can You Do If You Feel You’ve Been Misrated?

  1. If you feel like an employer has misrated you for the job you’ve completed it is possible to let the site know. They will look into the issue.
  2. If the site finds out that the employer misrated you for the job and it was successfully completed, the money will be deposited into your account.
  3. However, if the company finds out that the job has not been completed according to the description from the employer, the site will rule in the employer’s favor and you will not be paid or the job.
  4. It could be possible that the job or task needs to be revised. This can happen from time to time and it is possible to revise the task to clear the rating that was received.

How Does The Company Pay?

  1. The company has several payment options. You will need to earn the minimum payment, plus the transaction fee in order to request your money.
  2. The site pays twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday.
  3. You will need the following amount of funds in your account in order to request your payment:
    1. Skrill or Dwolla – $9 plus 6.50% transaction fee
    2. PayPal – $9 plus 7.50% transaction fee
    3. Local Funds Transfer via Transpay – $9 plus 3.00 plus $1 for Non-USD residence, for USD residence $9 plus $3 transaction fee
    4. Payoneer – $20 plus 5.00% transaction fee


This is a legitimate site for anyone who is looking for micro jobs to perform. The site is opened worldwide and it is possible for anyone to join the site and accept a micro job to complete. The site is for freelancers and you will not be an employee of this company. There are many employers who go to the site and post different micro or group jobs you can complete. Since this is a freelance position, you are free to work as many hours a day as you choose. The jobs are placed on the site and it is up to you to review the job, the description and decide if you can successfully complete the work or not. Once the job is completed, the employer will deposit the funds into your account. The company pays people twice a week and there is a minimum balance you’ll need in your account before you can request your payment. Furthermore, you are responsible to pay all the transaction fees when you request your payment.


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