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DollarClix Review 2019: Legit or Scam

DollarClix is another get-paid-to (GPT) that is opened worldwide and anyone that is 18 years of age or older can join this site. The site has many different surveys you can take and offers an affiliate program you can join. Once you join the site there are a large variety of different offer walls that you can choose from to earn points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. The site has a great earning opportunity an potential for anyone who is looking to earn a passive income online. This is a great site that will give you plenty of chances to increase your income by completing a large variety of different offers that are available on the site. The site has been online since 2015 and many people worldwide find this an excellent site to join to earn a passive income.

How Does It Work?

  1. You’ll need to visit the website and create an account. Anyone who is 18 years of age or older can create an account. The site is opened worldwide, so it is easy to join.
  2. This is a free website to join and you’ll never have to pay the site if you want to join.
  3. The site prohibits the use of a proxy or VPN to mask your identity when working on the site. Furthermore, there is no need to use a proxy or VPN because the site is opened worldwide.
  4. Just fill out the registration form with your email address, name, and some other basic information.
  5. The site will send you a confirmation email. It is important to give a legitimate email address when you register. You’ll be required to click on the link in the email that the site sends you.
  6. Once your email address is verified, just sign into the site and fill in your profile.
  7. It is now easy to search the site for different tasks and offer you want to compete.

How To Earn:

  1. You will earn points for each task that you have successfully completed on the site.
  2. Taking Surveys – there are a variety of different offers on the site that will give you the opportunity to take surveys. You’ll need to qualify for the survey in order to complete the survey and earn your rewards. Surveys on the site normally will earn you 25 to 75 points when they are completed. The points won’t be credited to your account immediately and can take a week to over a month to see the points in your account.
  3. Watching Videos – like all GPT sites they have a variety of different videos you can view. There are different short videos, movie trailers, music videos, and much more. When you watch the videos the site will credit your account 0.65 to 1.20 points.
  4. Completing Offers – this is typical for all GPT sites. You can sign up for a website, test a new product, or sign up for a trial offer. Some offers are free to complete and others will require you to supply your credit card information. If you’re required to supply your credit card information it is necessary to cancel the trial before it expires. Otherwise, the site will charge your credit card. You can earn 20 to 100 points for completing the different offers.
  5. Completing Tasks – on all GPT sites, there are a variety of different tasks you can complete to earn points on the site.
  6. 3rd Party Offer – normally these offers will pay you additional points for completing the task or taking the survey. The number of points you can earn here will depend on the provider and what they are willing to offer you for completing the survey or other tasks.
  7. There are 25 different offer walls on the site that you can pick and choose from to complete the different tasks, take surveys, watch videos, or listen to the radio.
  8. Contest – there is a variety of different contest the site holds. Some of the contest will pay the winner as much as $100. They hold different types of offer contest or even a referral contest.
  9. Referral Progam – the referral program is by far the best way to earn points on this site. You’ll earn an additional 20% of points in your account from your referrals earnings and 10% more from your referral’s referral. This is a 2 tier referral program. When your referral reaches their first dollar on the site, you’ll receive a $0.25 bonus in your account

How Are You Paid?

  1. The site is using a points system to reward you points for the different surveys or tasks that you complete.
  2. It will take 100 points to equal $1.
  3. You can choose from a variety of payment through the site.
  4. Your first payment is delayed slightly because the site must verify your identity.
  5. After this, the second payment is processed immediately and you’ll receive the payment within 24 hours.
  6. There are a few other payment options that can take up to 3 days to receive your payment from the site.
  7. If you want to cash out through PayPal, you’ll need 500 points in your account. Starting in January of 2019 the number of points needed to cash out through PayPal was increased from 100 to 500. There is a 5% fee charged by PayPal.
  8. If you are looking for a gift card or even cashing out through Bitcoins you need 500 to 1000 points in your account.
  9. The site processes payment 3 times a day. So it is easy to request your payment and receive it within 24 hours once your account has been verified.
  10. After you have cashed out 10 times on the site, you can get instant PayPal payments without a delay.
  11. In January 2019 the site added a new payment option. You can now request your earnings through Fast Bank Transfer (TrasferWise).


This is a legitimate site that pays you to complete offers, takes surveys, watches videos, listens to the radio, and invites your friends. The site has been around since 2015 and is open worldwide. Many people from different countries around the world love this site because it has plenty of offers they can complete. Many GPT sites will only target tier 1 counties where this site has different offers that anyone can complete. Just keep in mind this is a passive income site and it can be possible to earn up to $1 a day for completing an offer or up to $30 a month. If you are looking for another site to add to your online earning this is a good site to join. They process payment 3 times a day so there is no need to wait for your money.




2 thoughts on “DollarClix Review 2019: Legit or Scam”

  1. Like all GPT sites they have so many of the same offers that they are hard to earn any money from them. I know they are a passive income site, however, they take a lot longer to cash out than the site leads you to believe.


  2. This looks like a good one to try, thank you for posting! I will update my review on it and comment here to let you know how it goes!


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