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PxBee Review – Legit or Scam

PixBee is a relatively new photo site that gives photographers an opportunity to sell their photos online and earn money. This is the perfect opportunity for professionals or amateurs to join the site and sell photos they have taken on their mobile devices or with a camera. If you’ve tried selling your stock images on other marketplaces and there was too much competition, why not try this new site. The company is working hard to advertise everyone’s photos so they can help you sell your images.

How Does It Work?

  1. If you are a photographer or even a buyer, you’ll need to register on the site and create an account.
  2. Once you’ve joined the site, you can start to upload your photos to your account.
  3. The company will review each of the images that are uploaded to the site.
  4. They will determine if the image fits their guidelines before displaying them in the marketplace.

Photo Submission Guidelines What Attracts Buyers:

  1. The company looks for themed images that have a clear subject and display a precise expression.
  2. They need images that are suitable for design projects. The images must be neat and clean, have an uncomplicated background, display bright colors, and a strong sense of lines.
  3. Real life moments that are naturally captured.
  4. Different types of artistic expression with a visual
  5. Different places and cultures that are of They must have regional characteristics.
  6. Any type of photo that is taken from a different type of perspective that is very creative.

Unacceptable Photos The Company Will Reject:

  1. If you didn’t take the image yourself, don’t submit this to the company for approval.
  2. Every photo that is submitted must be 800px. If the image is smaller than the 800px the company will reject this image.
  3. Don’t upload photos that have a watermark, borders, text, stickers or any type of extra elements.
  4. They won’t accept images that contain sensitive or illegal content.
  5. If a photo has too much digital noise it isn’t a good fit for the site.
  6. Don’t submit blurred images or low-resolution
  7. Nobody will buy an image that is heavily
  8. Don’t get fancy with filters and add oversaturated colors or color cast.
  9. Any image that is over or underexposed.
  10. Don’t get fancy and try to blur part of the image or add post effects to your image.

Photo Licenses:

  1. Each contributor on the site gives PxBee permission to license their images.
  2. All images that are offered on the site will comply with the terms of the license that the buyer purchases.
  3. The website has three different types of licenses that they offer. A Royalty-Free (RF), a Subscription and a One Time license.
  4. The three licenses will support commercial use.
  5. The only license that won’t support commercial use is portrait images that a model has refused to give their permission to use.
  6. An image that is the same size and the same type of image if sold as an RF License it will be priced higher on the site. These images are more flexible to use.
  7. If a person orders a Subscription License it is the most economical way to use a large number of images. However, this license is restricted to the subscription period. Therefore, the subscription would need to be renewed if the person wanted to keep using these images.
  8. A One-Time license will allow the buyer to embed his image as a design element that is part of a single design. The person will need to use the Fotor photo-editing or online toolset to do this.

Photo Categories:

  1. You can submit photos to the following categories:
    1. Portrait
    2. Winter
    3. Architecture
    4. City
    5. Landscape
    6. B&W
    7. Transport
    8. Still Life
    9. Food
    10. Sea
    11. Children
    12. Nightscape
    13. Plant
    14. Abstract
    15. Women
    16. Sunset

Image Pricing:

  1. Royalty-Free License – Standard License
    1. Small Image – $2.99
    2. Medium Image – $4.99
    3. Large Image – $9.99
  2. Annual Subscription:
    1. $0.27 per image per year. You can download 50 – 125 or 750 images per month.
    2. $0.34 per image per month. You can download 50 – 75 or 350 images per month.
  3. Each image that is purchased with the standard license doesn’t have any limits or restrictions to the number of times they are used.
  4. Any images purchased on the site can’t be resold or re-licensed.

Revenue Share:

  1. All contributors that uploaded images to the site will be approved and published on PxBee.
  2. The price the image is listed for and sold on the site is determined by the license type, size of the image, transaction model, the conditions or offers set by each buyer if an image has a model and the model has agreed to the sale of their photo.
  3. The company has the right to set different prices for the photos within the same transaction.
  4. The company can also set a different price for the photo if it is sold in another transaction.
  5. A buyer will pay PxBee for the image.
  6. All licenses on the site are non-exclusive which gives PxBee the right to sell the images to more than one buyer.
  7. PxBee shares the revenue earned from the sale of an image 50/50. The price is determined after all taxes and fees are paid.
  8. The money earned on the sale of the images will appear in the contributors account after the sale has been finalized.
  9. On the dashboard, a contributor will see two categories for the images they’ve sold. The Settled category will e updated at the end of a period or every 30 days. The second category is the Expected balance. This balance is held by the company and subject to adjustments before it is released to the contributor.
  10. The contributor can withdraw any funds that are in the Settled balance of their account.
  11. A contributor can request a cash out of the funds in their Settled Balance at any time.
  12. The company sends the contributors money to their PayPal account.


This is a legitimate company that anyone can join to sell their photos online. The company will approve all photos before they are put in the marketplace and offered for sale. This is a relatively new company that has just opened up online and gives photographers and amateurs a chance to sell their images online and earn money for each sale. If you’re looking for a place to sell your photos online this is a good place to join. You’ll earn a revenue share from the company and the money is based on the sale of your images minus any taxes and fees. There is no minimum balance needed in your account to request your payment. You can withdraw your funds at any time to your PayPal account.




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