Paid Offers/Discounts Review – Legit or Scam

TopCashback is a cashback retail site that allows you to earn money when you shop online. The site pays you cash back for shopping, signing up for products, services or even websites. There are no monthly charges and the site is free to join. When joining the site they tell you that the cashback offers are the commissions the site earns from the different affiliate programs they are associated with. The site is located in the UK, however, anyone can use this site to earn money back when they shop online. Some of the deals are only for people living in the UK but you can find plenty of nice discounts on the site.

How Does It Work?

  1. Registering on the site is completely free. All you need to do is create an account by adding your email address and creating a password.
  2. You will need to verify your email address. The company sends the email to your account. Just click on the link provided.
  3. Before ordering from the site it is recommended to read the Get Started guide. You’ll find a lot of valuable information on this page.

How To Redeem Your Cashback:

  1. You will start browsing the site for different cashback offers.
  2. Or you can select a specific retailer to shop at.
  3. Once you find what you are looking for, all you need to do is click on the Get Cashback button next to the item.
  4. The site will redirect you to the merchant page.
  5. Just shop as you normally would shop. The website uses cookies to track all of your online purchases and will track your account for you.
  6. You should validate your email address before making a purchase. However, if you’ve forgotten there is no need to worry. The site will still track your purchase and add it to your account.
  7. To avoid any tracking issues from the site, you’ll need to start your purchases from the site and complete the process using the site. That means that you’ll need to use this site before adding any items to your basket.
  8. Complete the transaction once it has been started. Don’t click away from the page and start shopping at another store, then return to the page to check out.
  9. Your internet browser and firewall must be enabled to accept cookies from this site.
  10. If you have issues with the site, tracking your purchases it is recommended that you clear the cookies on your browser before you start your shopping.
  11. If your website’s browser is not tracking your purchases, then try another browser.
  12. You must alw3ays log into the site before making any purchases online.
  13. If you like TopCashback on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, you’ll always be informed of all the great new deals the site has added.

How To Increase Your Earning On The Site:

  1. The site has a referral program that everyone can join.
  2. All you need to do is share your referral link in a comment, on your social media account, website, blog, or anywhere else you leave a comment.
  3. You have the option of directly emailing people from the website using a special message, adding your referral code to your Facebook, Twitter, or Email account,
  4. For each person who signs up to the site using your referral code, you’ll earn £7.50 from the site.
  5. When your referral has earned $10 in cash back from the site, you’ll earn money also.
  6. The referral link that you must use has to directly land on the Cashback pages and not on a merchant account.
  7. You have the option of setting TopCashBack as your home page. This way you won’t forget to use the site when shopping online.

What Are People Saying About TopCashBack?

  1. At times when you make a purchase using a gift card, you’re not credited with the cashback on your account.
  2. This is a good site and some people have earned over $100 in cash back from the site. They use the site for booking hotels, eBay, buying items online, and using Groupon.
  3. At times, some of the companies you purchase items from won’t follow through and track your purchases so you receive your cash back on the site. When this happens, you have to contact the company yourself and supply them with the information from the site.
  4. Some people claim they didn’t receive the full cash back for the travel purchases they made through the site.
  5. A few people have had their account closed or lost. It appears if you don’t log in on a regular basis and use the site, the site will close your account. The website will close out the dormant accounts if you don’t use the site for over 6 months.

How Does The Site Pay?

  1. It will take time for each transaction to become payable on the site. This is normal on any cashback site and the merchant won’t pay the company until the return period has expired. This ensures that a person won’t return the merchandise and get paid by the company.
  2. Once your transactions are payable you can easily request payment from the company.
  3. You can request your payment via BACS, PayPal, Gift Certificates, Love2ship card, M&S gift card or choose from a few other store gift cards listed on the site.


This is a legitimate cashback website that pays you for shopping online through their site. Like all cashback sites, there will be complaints if a person doesn’t receive their cash back credits or the merchant refuses to pay the company for the items a person has bought. Overall, the company works hard to always pay each person to shop from their site. The website uses tracking cookies to ensure that all of your online purchases are track and you can receive your cash back credit. At times people have issues with their computer and the tracking cookie. When this happens the website is there to assist you in repairing this problem so that you can receive the credits in your account. This is an excellent hopping site and even offers you a way to earn extra money from the site using a referral link.




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