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Snapwire App Review – Legit or Scam

Snapwire is a photo app for selling your images online. You can easily find the app at the Google Play Store for Android devices or on the App Store for iOS devices. The Snapwire platform connects the photographer with brands and small businesses looking for the perfect image. As a photographer, you can take part in the different challenges, request a challenge of your own, connect with buyers, and sell your images in the company’s marketplace. This is an excellent way for people to make money taking photos. This app is a bit different and if you want to sell your photos in the marketplace, it’s best to have a professional camera to take your images. Today, many people just use their smartphone to take photos. This works great for many of the photo challenges. But, if you want to sell your professional images, you’ll need to have a professional camera to use. This is an excellent opportunity to create your online portfolio.

How Does it Work?

  1. You can download and install the app on your mobile devices from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Furthermore, you can use the online website to open an account with Snapwire.
  2. Once, you’ve installed the app, you’ll need to register with the company. It is easier to use your Facebook profile to start your registration.
  3. You’ll need to complete your profile by entering your username, password, and answering a few basic questions. The app wants to know if you have an Instagram account, where you live, why you like photography and your website URL. If a few of these questions, don’t apply to you, it’s possible to leave them blank.
  4. The next step in the sign-up process is to select your different styles of images you like. You can select up to 10 different styles. A few of the styles include aerial, animals, art and babies.
  5. You’ll be asked if you want to participate or submit images to Skillshare. You can decline and move onto the brand pages where it will display fee options for the site.
  6. Snapwire basically posts photo challenges on the site. A person looking for a certain type of photos will create a challenge. They will give you a description, price, and how long the challenge will be open.
  7. You enter challenges by submitting photos you think will fit the challenge.
  8. The person who created the challenge will start to nominate different photos. This will help the other photographers get an idea of what the person is looking for.
  9. Anyone can reward points during the competitions. The points help your account status and to establish you on the site.
  10. Furthermore, you can start uploading your images to your personal profile. This helps you to build your online portfolio and attract buyers to your account.
  11. When uploading your photos to the site it is best to give each one a caption and tags. Keywords help people find your images faster on the site.
  12. The images that you upload should be the largest size possible. Don’t cut the pixels in your image.
  13. You can upload any digital shots you own. If the image is on your mobile device, you’ll need to upload this from the app. Otherwise, visit the website and upload your images from your hard drive.

What is the Points System?

  1. Each contributor will earn points on the site. The points are rewards which will give you a higher visibility on the site.
  2. Furthermore, the points help you attract buyers who will commission you for exclusive photos.
  3. You’ll need to earn enough points to level up to a Shooter status on the site. This helps you earn more points for every major activity on the site.
  4. The site has 7 levels that you can achieve. They are the Explore, Shooter, Advanced, Expert, Elite, Pro, and Master.
  5. Each level you achieve on the site will open new doors and opportunities for you to sell your photos.
  6. Each time a person levels up they must be nominated or one of their photos purchased.
  7. The site will monitor your photos and determine the photos that were uploaded have a high commercial value, if a person would be interested in buying your image, and if your image would do well in the marketplace. The site will automatically level you up to a Shooter if this happens.
  8. You can always try fixing your online profile by deleting some of your weakest images, adding higher quality images, and try to only add the best of your work to the site. This will appeal to the creative editors and they will level you up to a Shooter status.

How Does the Nomination Work?

  1. When a competition is held on the site, normally the collective buyers will determine who they nominate.
  2. If a Snapwire challenge is being held, the creative editors of the site will nominate photos.
  3. During a challenge, it is a good idea to try a few different style shots to submit. It is difficult to know exactly what the buyer is looking for. When you submit your image to a challenge, only submit your best work.
  4. During a photo challenge, you’ll have a limit to the number of shots you can upload for each challenge. Therefore, only submit your best work when entering these challenges.
  5. It is best to not submit too many sister shots or shots that basically look the same.

How Are You Paid?

  1. Each challenge you enter has a prize awarded to the challenge. If you win the challenge, you’ll receive 70% of the award money.
  2. A person buys one of your images from the marketplace or directly from you, you’ll earn 50% of the money paid.
  3. The company pays through PayPal or Stripe when you’ve accumulated $25 or more in your account.
  4. You’ll need to request your payment. The site will process and send out payments on the 1st of each month.


This is a legitimate company that offers photographers a platform to sell their images. The company conducts challenges that any person who’s registered on the site can join. If you win one of the photos challenges the company will pay you 70% of the earning posted on the challenge. The money will be credited to your account and you can request payment at any time. Each photo you sell in the marketplace or directly to a client will earn you 50% of the selling price. Most people who join the site prefer to enter the challenges because they earn more. The company will only process payments on the first of each month.

My Thoughts About the Site:

  1. This is one way to break into the photography business and start selling your photos online. However, the challenges are frustrating and you must win the challenge to earn money from the site.
  2. The site has an online marketplace that you can sell your images in. However, not everyone is invited to the marketplace. The company only chooses the top photographers. They will ask you if you’d like to display and possibly sell some of your photos online.
  3. If you don’t win the challenge and aren’t asked to host your images on the marketplace, there is no way to earn money from this site.
  4. The site retains 30% of the prize money awarded during a challenge and 50% of the money at the marketplace once your image has sold.
  5. It will take time to establish yourself on the site. Many people complain about the points and nomination system the company uses. The major reason behind all this is the quality of the images they have uploaded to the site. Their images wouldn’t attract a commercial buyer. Therefore, they aren’t asked to join the challenges or sell their images in the marketplace.
  6. If you love to take photos this is a good site to try. It will help you to improve the quality of photos you take and to earn money by selling them online.



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