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Vista Gain – Earn Money App Review – Legit or Scam

Updated January 2019 – the app is no longer available.

Vista Gain is by VistaGain Apps and is available on the Google Play Store. This is a GPT (get paid to) app that earns you money for completing tasks. The app has several offer walls that you can visit to watch video trailers, complete survey, you can test different apps, lock your device screen and complete offers. The more you work on the app the more you’ll earn.

How Does it Work?

  1. Go to the Google Play Store to download and install the app on your Android device.
  2. You’ll need to register with the app and fill in your information before you can start working.
  3. Visit the offer wall to sign up for new apps. Just download and test the app for the designated time required to earn money for your participation.
  4. Activate the lock screen feature in the app to earn rewards for unlocking your device. The app sends you advertisements that you can view each time you unlock your device screen.
  5. Visit the offer wall to complete different surveys that will earn you money.
  6. Enter the contests for a chance to win cash and prizes from the drawings held on the app.
  7. The app has 7 tier referral programs that allow you to earn more money from your referrals and all the referrals your friends have. This is an excellent way to build up your income using the app.
  8. Try your luck with spinning the wheel. You can earn extra money in your account. The wheel is all based on luck and you never know unless you try.
  9. The app has a handy feature to help you identify your callers. With caller ID you can see who is calling you. Now it is easier than ever to save your caller information to your address book.
  10. The app shares the revenue with you each time you view an advertisement on your locked screen or in the app.

What Do People Say About this App?

  1. The app cheats you out of your winning when you spin the wheel. If you gain a large sum of money from the wheel, the wheel will automatically spin again and only credit your account with a few praises and not the rupee you’ve earned.
  2. You’re not paid for completing offers on the app.
  3. This company is only in business to make a profit from all of your work. You’ll never earn a dime from this app no matter how many offers you complete.
  4. The app cheats you out of your earnings. It will never credit your account for the work you do.
  5. The cash out on this app is $100. This is virtually impossible to earn. Therefore, there is no way to cash out on this app.
  6. Several people reached the cash-out limit and request payment. The app won’t process their request and only indicates it is processing the request. This will go on for days and the app is locked during this time. You’ll have to uninstall the app from your device to be able to use your device again. When the app is locked and you’ve enabled the Lock Screen feature, your device is frozen and you can’t use it.

How does the Company Pay?

  1. It appears that the cashout limit on the app is $100. That is extremely high and almost impossible to earn.
  2. If you happen to earn the money on the app, the company will pay you by PayPal or you can request one of their recharge cards.


This app has many bad reviews and everyone says the same. The app is a SCAM and you can’t make money using this app. The company cheats you out of your earning when you spin the wheel, complete offers, or even take surveys. The money isn’t credit to your account. When you try and request a payout from the app, the app locks and goes into a processing mode. It will never stop processing your payment request and locks up your device. Everyone agrees that this app is a total waste of time and a SCAM to use.

My Advice to You:

Don’t waste your time with this app. If you have it installed on your device, it’s better to uninstall it now. The more you work on the app, the richer the owner becomes. All the offers and money you earn will never be paid to you. It is better to cut your losses now and not make the owner of the app more money.




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