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Blackjack – Make Money & Earn Gift Cards App Review – Legit or Scam

No Longer Available

Blackjack App is by TopShelfApps and is available on the App Store for iOS devices. Otherwise, you can visit Android APK and download the app for your Android device. The app isn’t yet available in the Google Play Store. This is a gambling app that pays you for playing Blackjack. You’ll earn coins for playing this game that can be redeemed for gift cards.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to go to the App Store and download the game. Otherwise, visit the Android APK site and download the game for your Android device.
  2. Once installed on your device it is possible to start playing some of the casino games on the app.
  3. You’ll win gold coins and tokens for playing the games that can be redeemed for gift cards.

How To Earn Gold Coins:

  1. You can select to play Blackjack and win gold coins for each hand you win.
  2. You’ll need to place your bet with the app to play the game.
  3. Once the game has ended and you’ve won, the coins are credited to your account.
  4. If you’ve lost the game the coins are deducted from your account.
  5. You have the opportunity to play other types of casino games with the app.
  6. Furthermore, the app has a bingo game you can play.
  7. The app is free to download and play. However, if you lose all your tokens and gold coins, you’ll need to purchase more to play with. Otherwise, you can do small tasks on the app to earn more tokens and gold coins.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’re given a certain amount of gold coins to start with.
  2. You’ll use the coins to place your bets and try to win more.
  3. However, if you run out of gold coins, you’ll need to purchase more gold chips or tokens to play with.
  4. The app offers you many ways to earn more gold coins and token to play with. You’ll need to complete a few tasks, watch video trailers, or complete a few offers. It is easy to earn extra gold coins and token to play within the game.
  5. However, if you don’t want to complete the different tasks the app sells you tokens or gold chips depending on what you want to buy.
  6. There are several different packs of tokens and gold chips to select from.
    1. Mini pack of tokens is $1.99
    2. The small pack of tokens is $4.99
    3. Medium pack of tokens is $9.99
    4. Big pack of tokens is $19.99
    5. Extra large pack of tokens is $99.99
    6. Mini pack of gold chips is $1.99
    7. The small pack of gold chips is $4.99
    8. Medium pack of gold chips is $9.99
    9. Big pack of gold chips is $19.99
    10. Extra large pack of gold chips is $99.99

How Does the Site Pay You?

  1. Once you’ve gained enough gold coins or tokens you can redeem them for different gift cards.
  2. The app will send you your gift cards to your email address.
  3. You must be 18 years of age or older to win prizes from the app.


This is a gambling app that pays you to play Blackjack, different casino games, and bingo. The site is legitimate and will redeem your gold coins and token for gift cards. However, there are many complaints that the app is cheating you out of the gold coins. When you’re playing Blackjack or poker and you’re about to win, the app displays an advertisement on your screen. When the advertisement closes it’s too late and the game shows that you’ve folded your cards. The ads that the app displays during betting time make it impossible to win from the app. Your time runs out on your hand you’re playing and the game folds your cards.

Since the new update, the app is now cheating people when they play poker. It isn’t fair that the app is programmed to displays ads during the betting time. When you lose all your tokens and gold coins, you’re either forced to perform different tasks on the app to earn more or purchase them from the app.

I personally wouldn’t rely on this app to earn too many gift cards. The app now makes it difficult to earn enough gold coins or token to cash in for a gift card. The new update has placed too many ads on the app and the ads appear during the time you need to bet. There are certain games on the app people enjoy playing and the company understands this. I feel like this is cheating people out of their winnings and the app is turning quickly to a scam and not a legitimate app any longer.



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