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Perk Scratch & Win App Review – Legit or Scam

Perk Scratch & Win by Perk is a lottery scratch game that you can play to earn points towards the redemption of gift cards. Perk is a rather large company and has 12 different apps you can download and use. What is excellent about this company is the fact you can store your tokens and points in the Perk Wallet. Afterward, redeem your points for gift cards using the wallet. Each one of the Perk apps allows you to add the token or points to your Perk Wallet. Therefore, it is easier to gain tokens and points using the different apps.

How Does it Work?

  1. Download the app from the Google Play store for Android devices or from the Apple Store for iOS devices.
  2. Perk has a Perk Wallet that you can store all your points and tokens in.
  3. You can use the points and token you earned from other Perk apps to buy scratch tickets on this app.
  4. Purchase your scratch tickets using your Perk Wallet. This helps to increase your earnings in your account.
  5. Scratch the tickets and win gift cards, prizes, or enter in sweepstakes.
  6. If you’ve already downloaded and installed one Perk app on your phone it is easy to merge your information with this app.
  7. All you need is one account on Perk to use all of their apps.

How Can You Earn More Rewards?

  1. You can use any one of the other Perks Apps in conjunction with this app.
  2. With Perk TV you can watch videos on your device and earn between 1 to 3 points.
  3. Otherwise, earn points and token with Perk Pop Quiz. With this app, you’ll answer trivia questions and earn more points and token.
  4. If you want to watch live TV streaming on your device, use Perk TV Live. The app displays ads during the time you watch TV. For each ad you watch, you’ll receive points in your account.
  5. Install Perk Screen and be paid to unlock your screen on your smartphone. The app displays an ad each time you unlock your phone.
  6. Next time you want to buy something online, try Perk Shopping. You’ll earn points in your account based on the amount of money you spend online.
  7. Download and install the Perk Browser on your mobile device. You’ll earn points for browsing online.
  8. When you use Perk Search, you’ll earn points for searching online. However, not all searches you do will credit points to your account.
  9. If you love penny auctions, then visit Perk Prize Mob. You can use your token to enter different auctions and hopefully win the auction and the prize.
  10. Perk has a Word Search game that awards you points for finishing the game.
  11. The last game Perk offers to win tokens and points is JetPack Journey.

How to Redeem Your Points and Token:

  1. When you use one of the Perk Apps you earn points and token from the different apps.
  2. You can spend your Perk points on gift cards.
  3. For every 5000 points, you earn using one of the Perk Apps you can trade them in on a $5 gift card from Target, Starbucks, Walmart, Nike and more.
  4. You can enter different Sweepstakes the company has. Each Sweepstake you enter will cost you 15 to 20 points. However, if you win the Sweepstakes, you’ll receive gift cards or other products.
  5. Spend your token you earn to buy your lottery scratch tickets. This increases your points and makes it easier to trade them in on a gift card of your choice.

What Are People Saying About this App?

  1. People have won a larger amount of points on the scratch tickets and they aren’t credited to their account.
  2. The app has way too many ads that pop up all the time. You can only scratch one or two tickets and then you’re forced to wait for the ads to finish.
  3. The app is excellent except for the fact that you are forced to watch a video to claim your winnings.
  4. You need to watch a 30-second ad to earn 1 Perk point.
  5. It takes too long to gather points on this app and the amount of ads is way too many.


This is a legitimate app and is made by Perk. The company is well known and pays people for watching TV, installing their browser, and searching online. You can earn points using the different Perk Apps. Once you’ve accumulated enough points in your Perk Wallet it’s easy to exchange the points for a gift card. The company has a wide variety of gift cards you can choose from. The one benefit about this App is the fact it is part of the Perk collections of Apps and the points you earn here will be merged with your other points.

What Are My Thoughts About The App?

  1. The App is another way to add points to your Perk Wallet. However, the new app is slow and displays way too many ads.
  2. Sometimes, you scratch and win a large sum of points on the App, however, the points don’t show up in your Perk Wallet.
  3. Perk is a great company and allows you to exchange points and tokens between the different apps. If you use more than one Perk Apps your points accumulate quicker and you can cash out a gift card of your choice.
  4. The game is rather new and has some issues. One major problem in this game, it isn’t crediting your points to your wallet.
  5. The one thing that makes this game not so desirable is all the ads and only earning 1 point for each 30-second the ads are displayed on the app.





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