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Vobi App Review – Legit or Scam

The App Is No Longer Available

Vobi is a research company that does surveys, location-based activities, measures your device usage, and test new products. This app is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices or on the App Store for iOS devices. You can download and use this app if you live in the United States only. Otherwise, you can go to the website to create an account and work online by taking surveys and other polls for the company. If you decide to work online with the company it is prohibited to use a proxy server or VPN. Only people living in the United States can sign up online to work for this company.

How Does it Work?

  1. In order to work for the company, you must first create an account on their website.
  2. Fill in all your information, including your mobile phone number.
  3. The company will confirm your mobile phone number and send you a download link.
  4. If you don’t have a mobile device, you can work directly from the website. However, this will limit the number of opportunities you’ll have. You won’t receive on-location opportunities because they require you to have a mobile device.
  5. At this time you can use the link to directly download the app and install it on your mobile device, or visit the Google Play Store or the App Store to directly download and install the app on your mobile device.
  6. Based on your profile, demographic location the company sends out surveys when available in your area. It is difficult to say how often a survey or a location survey will arrive for you to participate in.
  7. It is important to keep your profile as up to date. This helps the company to send you more surveys.
  8. A normal survey should take you 10 to 15 minutes to complete.
  9. You can earn more abilities from the app. This helps you to increase your earning potential on the app.
  10. Furthermore, when you unlock your abilities. You’ll have access to more features. This helps you to qualify for higher paying surveys and real-time missions which will earn you more rewards.

How Does the Company Pay You?

  1. You’ll earn money in your account for each survey you successfully complete.
  2. Save up the money in your account and exchange it for an Amazon or iTunes gift card.
  3. Otherwise, request payment to your PayPal account.

What Are People Saying About this App?

  1. This is a nice app and the company does pay you.
  2. Many people like the fact the company pays you through PayPal and not just gift cards.
  3. There are many complaints about the app wasting people’s time. They say that you need to complete the survey to find out if you’re rewarded. A few surveys will have you fill in all the information and then tell you that you didn’t qualify.
  4. If you’re not a good fit for the survey it is better to tell you in the beginning and not waste your time.
  5. Some people have been blocked out of their account. The company will send them a new activation code. However, the app won’t accept the code. It is not possible to get back into your account.
  6. Some people have complained about the app locking them out when they try to claim a gift card or cash out with PayPal.

Why Will the App Blacklist Your Account?

  1. Some people have tried to use a proxy server or VPN to access this app.
  2. The app can detect this type of behavior and will blacklist the account.
  3. Other times the app has determined the person isn’t in the same location that they registered with. This will cause the app to have a problem and it will lock your account. In this type of case, you’ll need to contact the company and they can unlock your account.
  4. Other people have changed their mobile device and the app doesn’t recognize the device they are now using.


This app has many issues and the people using the app have only given it a 3.5 rating. The app seems to lock you out or blacklist your account when you try to cash out with PayPal or request your gift card. Other people find it hard to take the surveys because nothing is offered in their location. Most people who are using this app are having difficulties cashing our and redeeming the money they’ve earned.

The app has a very low trust rating and a number of problems associated with its use. People are not happy with working on the app and not being paid. I personally would not recommend this app for anyone to try. Unless the company can fix the issues they are having now and send out the gift cards or payment to PayPal I wouldn’t waste my time.

It is hard to actually verify all the complaints from people. Many people try to work on the website and not through their mobile device. They will try to use a proxy server or VPN to block their real location.

If you’d like to try working for this company, proceed with caution. This could be a company that won’t actually pay you. However, many people have claimed they’ve been paid by this company.




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