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Paribus App Review – Legit or Scam

Paribus App is a bit different from other shopping and rebate apps. This app actually helps you to obtain refunds from your online shopping. If you purchase an item from Amazon and the following week the item goes on sale, you’ll be entitled to a refund. The app searches your online purchases and compares prices of what you paid and what the item is selling for now. If the app finds out that you’ve overpaid for your item, it will file a refund claim for you. This is an excellent way to save money on your online purchases and get them at the lowest possible price.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to download and install the app on your smartphone. The app is available on the App Store. This is currently only for iOS devices.
  2. Create an account with the company.
  3. Link your email account to the app. This is the email account that you use when shopping online. The company needs verification and proof of your purchases so they can check to see if any of the items you purchased are listed for a lower price or have gone on sale.
  4. The company requires that you link your online shopping account to the app. If you shop with Amazon Staples, Nordstrom, Costco and hundreds of other stores, you’ll need to link them to the app.
  5. Furthermore, the company requires that you link your credit card to the app. When the company finds a refund for you, they charge your credit card a 25% fee for their service. The company files all the paperwork on your behalf and has the refund sent directly to you. They can’t take their fees out of your refund; therefore, they charge your credit card for their services.
  6. The company will scan your online purchases when they find a lower price; the company files a refund claim in your name. Afterward, the refund is credited directly to your credit card.
  7. When Paribus finds a price adjustment that you’re eligible for, they’ll send you an email. All you need to do is approve the email and give Paribus permission to file the claim in your name. Paribus does the rest of the work for you.
  8. Paribus can help detect late delivery dates and help you file a claim with the company.

What People Are Saying About this App:

  1. You have to give this company access to your email account. They can do a lot of damage with your account if they want to.
  2. People aren’t happy about linking their credit card to the app. The company obtains a refund for you and then it can charge your credit card for their fees. You don’t have much control over the charges the company claims on your credit card.
  3. People have issues with the company automatically filling their price adjustment claims. They feel like they take too long to file the claims in your name.
  4. Many people feel like the company is going through their email receipts and not taking any action on filing the adjustment claims for them.
  5. Some people think that 25% of the refunded amount is too much to pay the company for their troubles.
  6. Paribus uses a credit card company called Stripe.com to process their credit card charges. Some people are receiving hundreds of dollars in charges on their credit card and they aren’t receiving their cash back refunds.
  7. A few people use Amazon to shop online. They claim that they had a lot of purchases that were overpaid, but the company never filed the overpayment refund for them. Therefore, they lost out on a lot of money that should have been refunded.
  8. Many people have found out that most of the purchases they made on Amazon don’t have price protection terms and therefore they can’t get a refund.
  9. After downloading the app, linking an email account and credit card to the app, many people had their identity was stolen and their bank account and credit cards compromised.
  10. Capital One is behind the company and many people don’t trust Capital One at all.
  11. As of June 2017, the company no longer contacts your credit card company for price protection. You must do this yourself.
  12. In November of 2017, Pairbus has stopped charging you a 25% fee for their services. The service is now 100% free.


Pairbus can help you identify and receive money back on items that you’ve ordered online and overpaid. The company looks legit and people have had good luck obtaining a few refunds for price protection. However, on the flip side, a few people have had a lot of issues with the company overcharging their credit card for their services. For the last few months, the company has stopped charging people’s credit card for the services they perform. Currently, any service that Pairbus performs is 100% free. This type of service is controversial and leaves a lot of doubts in people’s minds. Before downloading and using the app I suggest that you consider the following issues. I also like to advise you to talk with people you know who actually use this service. Find out how they like it and if they’ve had any issues with the service.

What Should You Consider?

  1. Do you feel comfortable giving access to your personal email account to this company?
  2. The company can read your emails and delete them if they wish.
  3. You’ll need to link your credit card to the company. Do you feel comfortable with giving this company permission to use your credit card?
  4. You’ll need to link your online shopping accounts to the company. Do you trust this company enough to have this type of access?
  5. The company now says their services are free. Do you believe this and can you trust that the company won’t charge your credit card for their services?
  6. Before downloading and installing the app on your phone do your own investigation. Make sure you feel comfortable giving all this information and access to this company. It is a good idea to speak to people who use this service. Find out how they feel, if the service is helpful, and if they’ve had any issues using it.
  7. Be careful about giving your personal information to any company online. You never know who they are, who they work with, and what can happen to your accounts.



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