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Premise App Review: Legit or Scam

Premise App is found on the Google Play Store for Android devices. You can also go to The App Store and download the app for any iOS device. The company is a global marketplace that collects high-quality data from users around the world. This company offers marketers a way to collect data in a new un-traditional way by offering different assignments to the member of the app to perform. Here you will be offered different assignments to collect prices on items sold in your local stores, give insight about what you’ve seen, or even capture human sentiments about what is happening around you. Each time you participate in one of the assignments, you’ll be compensated for your participation. The company has networks worldwide, and if a network isn’t in place in your area, it is possible to establish one within 2 to 6 weeks. The app is available worldwide and all you need is an Android device in order to start earning money. Just keep in mind when you download the app, it is available worldwide, however, it might only work in a few selected cities around the world.

How Does It Work?

  1. Go to the Google Play Store to download and install this app on your mobile device.
  2. The app is available worldwide, however, the app will only work in select cities. This will depend on the market and the needs of the retailers in your area. The company can easily create new locations and it normally takes 2 to 6 weeks to establish a new network on the app.
  3. Once it is installed on your mobile device, you’ll need to create an account and register with the app.
  4. Now it is possible to find assignments in real time that you can perform.
  5. The assignments are quick and easy and it won’t take long for you to complete each assignment.
  6. You are free to take as many assignments as you wish, or if an assignment doesn’t suit you, it is easy to skip this assignment and find a different one you want to complete.
  7. The assignments vary from location to location. You may be asked to take a picture at a bus terminal that shows the price of a one-way bus ticket. Other assignments will have you go to the market and take photos of the price tag for a bottle of water.
  8. You will be using the Premise analyzes computer vision system to snap your images for the company. The app software will verify the facts and the location the imaged was taken.
  9. The software the company uses has been modified more than once so it can easily identify the assignment, location, and time the image was taken.
  10. You can find new assignments in your area in real time. So there is no need to miss an assignment. Just check the app when you are free and start completing a few assignments.

How To Earn Money:

  1. Each assignment that is posted on the app is assigned the amount of money you can earn for completing this assignment.
  2. You will earn a few cents or up to $0.50 for each assignment you’ve completed.
  3. Depending on your location will determine how much money you can earn using this app.
  4. If you are living in India, Indonesia, Nigeria, or even Ghana it is possible to earn a significant amount of money each month using this app. There are some people who live in these countries that earn $40 to $60 a month for completing the different assignments on the app.
  5. The company is starting to expand its data collection to richer countries like the United States, Canada, and even the UK. Soon it will be possible for more countries and cities to be added to this app.
  6. In some countries, the government collects data on different markets. People are asked to verify if the market is complying with the new tax law for certain items that are sold in their stores.
  7. In other countries, you could be asked about how many homes in the low-income area have electricity.
  8. Each photo you take will help determine the prices of an item if a road has been built, if people have electricity, or if a market is complying to the new tax laws. There is so much you can do with this app and each image that is taken and uploaded helps to determine one thing or another.

How Does The Company Pay You?

  1. Each time you complete an assignment the money is transferred to your PayPal account.
  2. You’ll need to select your payment preference when signing up for the app.
  3. You’ll be required to give the company your payment details.
  4. After completing each assignment the money is automatically transferred to your account.
  5. You will receive payments in your account for as little as $0.03 up to $0.50. This will depend on the task and assignment that you’ve completed.


This is an excellent company to work with and the app is available worldwide. You can download the app for any Android or iOS devices. Each day the app displays new assignments in real time. All you need to do is accept one of the assignments, complete the assignment, upload the photos and be paid immediately for your work. The amount of money you’ll earn will depend on your location and the number of assignments that you complete. There are people who have earned $40 to $60 a month for completing the different assignments on the app. If you want to make a difference and help the government determine if a company is complying to the new laws, then download and start using the app today. You’ll earn a small amount of money for each assignment that has been completed. The money you earn while using this app will depend on you and how many assignments that you complete.


11 thoughts on “Premise App Review: Legit or Scam”

    1. That would be nice if the company would make the app for iOS devices. I am not sure when this one will happen. Maybe you should contact the company and ask them to create an iOS app that people can use on their iOS devices.


  1. This app sucks ! They will give you task in the middle of the ocean they will ask you to go there wtf? Does WU there srupid accuracy as ever they dont pay you! Scamaasssz


    1. I am glad that you have found this app easy to use and the tasks easy to complete. Let us know if there are a lot of different types of task you can do and how much you are earning from completing the different tasks.


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