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Shutterstock Contributor App Review – Legit or Scam

Shutterstock Contributor is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices or on the App Store for iOS devices. If you want to contribute images to Shutterstock and be paid, you’ll need to only download this app. The company has a second app called Shutterstock. This app is for downloading and arranging your images. The two apps are different and you should only download the contributor app to make money. There are no restrictions and anyone can use this app and upload images. However, if you live in the United States the company requires you to submit a W9. Otherwise, anyone living outside the US is taxed 30% on your earning. The company claims this is for taxes.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to visit the Google Play Store or the App Store to download and install the app on your mobile device.  You can install the app on your mobile phone or tablet. Many people prefer the app on the tablet. It makes it easier to upload and tag your images.
  2. Once you’ve finished installing the app, you’ll need to create your account. The company is rather strict when creating your account. They do have a few verifications that you must submit in order to contribute to the site.
  3. The company requires you to submit your full name, government-issued ID or passport, your physical address and your email when registering.
  4. The company normally requires 2 to 3 business days to verify your information. Once you’ve been verified you can now log into the app and start uploading your images.
  5. To finish the verification process you must first upload 10 images or videos. You can upload a combination of both. The site will review the quality of images that have been uploaded. Once your images are approved you can start to contribute to the site.
  6. It is a wise choice when you first start using the app to create your profile and upload your profile image. This helps buyers know who you are and gives them more confidence to download your images.
  7. Anyone living in the United States must submit a W9 to the company before they are paid.
  8. Anyone one that lives outside the United States is automatically taxed 30% on the money you earn on the site. The company will recover the tax when they pay you.
  9. You are free to upload any photo that is yours, videos, vector images, and illustrations.
  10. These will be registers in your online portfolio and you can keep track of all your uploads from the app. Furthermore, you can check to see how many of your images have been downloaded and if you have any money in your account.
  11. Each time one of your images is downloaded, you’ll receive a commission from the company.
  12. Your commission is based on several factors.
  13. Each of the images that are uploaded to the site can be downloaded multiple times. Each download is paid a commission by the company.

How Much Can You Earn?

  1. Your earnings are based on a few factors. The company will pay you royalties each time one of your images sells.
  2. Your royalties are calculated on the earning tier you are in. Furthermore, the royalties are based on the type of account the buyer signed up under.
  3. The earning tier is also based on how much you’ve earned since joining the company as a contributor.
  4. Tier 1: As a tier 1 contributor you’ll need to sell $0 to $500 worth of images.
  5. Tier 2: A tier 2 contributor must sell $500 to $3000 worth of images.
  6. Tier 3: You’ll become a Tier 3 contributor once you’ve sold $3000 to $5000 worth of images.
  7. Tier 4: As a tier 4 contributor means that you’ve sold $5000 to $10,000 worth of images.
  8. A buyer contributes to the number of commissions you’ll earn on each image sold. A buyer can purchase an account that gives him access up to 750 images.
  9. Tier 1 contributors earn $0.25 for each download, tier 2 earns $0.33, tier 3 earns $0.36 and tier 4 earns $0.38 for each download on the site.
  10. Furthermore, based on your earning tier the company can pay you up to 30% commission on the selling price of each of your photos.

What Do People Say About this Company?

  1. A few people say they’ve had issues with being paid. The company will wait until you’ve earned money in your account before asking you for your verification documents. This holds up your pay and takes longer to receive your money.
  2. The signup process is very strict and at times you don’t have all the documents with you that are required. This wastes a lot of time to go and find the necessary documents and to upload them to the company.
  3. Many people don’t like the company’s customer service. They claim they are rude and will dispute with you over your pay.
  4. The company is very strict and it is hard to be accepted. You must be a professional photographer to be accepted.
  5. The commission rate is very low for the number of downloads on the site.
  6. Many people feel that the cash out is way too high and should be lowered.
  7. Even after you’ve been accepted to Shutterstock each one of your images must be approved before appearing on the site. The site is very picky about the images they add.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. Like I’ve stated earlier any US citizen needs to have a W9 filed with the company before they’re paid.
  2. All non-US citizen will automatically be taxed a 30% fee on their earnings.
  3. You’ll need to earn $100 in your account before you can request payment from the company.
  4. You can request payment through Payoneer, PayPal or Skill.
  5. For any US citizen, you can request a check mailed to your home address. However, the company only mails out checks in the amount of $300 or more.


This is a legitimate company that is based out of New York and has been in business since 2003. Shutterstock is one of the largest online photo companies that people use to buy stock images for their blog or website. The company pays you a commission on each of your images downloaded from the site. Your commission is based on the tier level you are with the company. Furthermore, the company is very selective of the images they add to the site. This is a very competitive site and it isn’t always easy to earn a commission on the images you’ve uploaded.

My Thoughts About the Company:

  1. I don’t like the idea of all non-US residence having to pay a 30% tax on the money they earn. This is awfully high and the company doesn’t state if this is for State or Federal taxes.
  2. The commission rate they pay out is very low on each image downloaded. Most companies will pay you a higher commission rate.
  3. You need too many documents to register with the company.
  4. You need to earn a lot of money in order to earn a higher commission rate.
  5. The company can hold up your pay if they decide they want you to upload more documents to them.
  6. The company is selling your image more than once. Other companies will only sell your image once and you’ll earn $2.50 to $5.00 for each image sold. If this company sells your image, they are only willing to pay you a 30% commission.
  7. The company is large and well known for the stock images they have. However, the pay rate is low and they are very strict on what images you can upload to the site.


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Global Garner – 100% Cashback App Review – Legit or Scam

Global Garner is a company out of India that offers people living there a way to earn 100% Cashback when they shop through their app or website. You can easily download and install the app on any iOS or Android device. The app can be found on the Google Play Store or the App Store. Currently, the company has over 34,000 local brands and shops you can make your purchases through. Furthermore, you can shop online at over 300 different online stores. Global Garner has their own currency called GG Coin they use to credit your account with Cashback. The money can later be transferred to Rupee and deposited directly to your bank account.

How Does it Work?

  1. To start off with you’ll need to download and install the app on your mobile device. You can easily find the app on the Google Play Store or on the App Store. Furthermore, you can go directly to the website to download the app for your mobile device.
  2. You’ll need to create an account with the company.
  3. Each time you shop you’ll need to upload the receipt to the site.
  4. Once the receipt has been approved the company will credit your account with the Cashback you’ve earned.
  5. As a member of Global Garner, you’ll earn 100% Cashback rewards when shopping at one of the authorized markets. The company will credit your rewards in the form of GG coins. You’ll also receive SCB process in your account.
  6. Once you’ve spent a total of Rs 10,000 through the app a new UPV (Universal Point of Sale) is generated and goes into the Cashback rewards system. This guarantees you 100% Cashback on all of your purchases.
  7. You can also socialize and earn GG coins on Global Garner only Social Media Platform.
  8. Each time you shop, you’ll need to scan the QR Code on your mobile device.
  9. Each member has a special User ID number. This is provided to you by the company. Your User ID number is also the referral ID that you can send to people to join the company under you.

How Does The Cashback Rewards Work?

  1. The Global Garner Company uses a Systematic Cashback/Reward system called SCB process FIFO. You will receive GG money in your GG rewards account each time you earn Cashback from shopping at one of the authorized merchants.
  2. The GG money can, later on, be transferred to your bank account so you have access to the money.
  3. In order to be eligible for 100% cash back, you must spend Rs 10,000 in one year. This will earn you a UPV status on the GG platform. The rewards will be distributed to you in 4 installments through the SCB Process.
  4. Each time you spend Rs 10,000 you’ll generate another UPV code in your account.
  5. The more UPV codes you have in your account the higher your installment payments will be.
  6. Depending on how many UPV codes you’ve generated will determine your SCB rewards. For each UPV code, you’ll receive 4 installments from the company. The first is Rs 500, second is Rs 1000, third is Rs 3000 and the fourth is Rs 5500.

How Are Purchases Tracked?

  1. The site can auto track your bill payment and online sites you make purchases from. A few sites can’t be auto tracked and you must upload your bills to the site.
  2. The site can’t track any local vendors and your bills must be uploaded to the site.
  3. You’ll also need to upload bills from any of the 4 best shopping websites. These are Amazon, Jet Radar, Divya Pharma, and Hotelook.
  4. It is easy to upload the bills from your mobile device.


  1. For every Rs 10,000 you spend on the site you’ll generate 1 UPV in your account.
  2. UPV will be rewarded in 4 separate installments.
  3. You can accumulate as many UPV in your account as you wish.
  4. Once a UPV has paid the last installment to you, it is removed from the system and you won’t be paid on this again.
  5. It will take 45 to 90 days for your purchases to be credited to your UPV cycle.
  6. If you shop locally and the company receives approval of the commissions they’ve earned, they’ll credit your account with your UPV cycle.

How Does the Company Pay You?

  1. The value of a GG coin is Rs 1. You can use the GG coins in your account as part of the payment process when shopping online or locally.
  2. The 4 installments of the UPV that you earn will be deposited into your bank account for you.
  3. You will receive 4 UPV deposits in your account for each UPV you have on your account. Each one of the UPV will pay out at different times.
  4. You can earn more than one UPV in your account, therefore generating you multiple refund rewards.


The site is legitimate and is designed for people who live in India. The consumer has a chance to earn GG coins that can be used as part of their purchase payment or UPV credits. The UPV credits are a bit more complicated and you can only earn one UPV credit for each Rs 10,000 you purchaser using the app or website. The UPV will be rewarded in 4 different installments and directly deposited to your bank account. When you use this app for shopping locally or online you can earn multiple UPV codes in your account. Each one of the UPV codes will expire when the last installment has been rewarded to your account. You can no longer earn rewards off this UPV code. However, if you have other UPV codes in your account you can continue to earn Cashback rewards from these UPV codes.


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Savemonk Cashback – Online Shopping India App Review – Legit or Scam

Savemonk Cashback is an app created by Zednx Technologies Private Limited Company. The app was created for people living in India so they can earn Cashback when shopping online. Every time a person shops in India they can receive Cashback savings on their purchases. If you use an Android device you can go directly to the Google Play Store to download the app. However, for any iOS user, you’ll need to visit the DownloadAPK website to download and install this on your device. It appears that the App Store doesn’t offer this on their site.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to visit the website and create an account under Sign in.
  2. For any Android device, visit the Google Play Store, and download the app on your mobile device.
  3. If you’re using an iOS device, you’ll need to visit the DownloadAPK website to download and install the app.
  4. Before you can take advantage of the cashback offers, you’ll need to activate the software on your mobile device or website.
  5. Now you can start shopping at any of the Savemonk stores listed on the website or your app.
  6. Your savings will be calculated and deposited into your wallet within 2 to 24 hours.
  7. You can’t redeem your savings until the return period is over. This normally takes 4 to 10 weeks before you can receive your first cash back payment.
  8. The company has partnered with over 200 online businesses in India to help promote these sites and drive up their sales. Each time someone from India shops at one of these markets the company earns a commission. The commission is then passed onto you as cash back incentive for using the app for shopping.

How To Earn Cash Back Credits:

  1. After you have shopped at one of the 200 stores, you’ll receive the cash back credit in your account.
  2. However, you can’t withdraw this credit until the company receives the merchant’s report.
  3. The merchant’s report normally arrives once a month or when the return item period has expired.
  4. If you haven’t returned the item you purchased during this time, the money will be available in your account to withdraw. Otherwise, this credit will be deducted from your account because you can’t earn a cash back credit on an item that has been returned.
  5. After a purchase, it will take between 4 to 10 weeks to receive the money in your account.

How To Receive Cash Back as a New Member?

  1. If you’ve recently signed up as a new member and shopped at one of the merchant’s shops it is possible to still receive your cash back.
  2. You’ll need to send the company your invoice of the items you’ve purchased.
  3. They’ll need to check their records and the records from the merchants that you shopped at.
  4. If you haven’t returned the item they can give you a cash back credit in your account once it’s been approved.

How Does The Company Pay?

  1. Once the return item time period has expired the company receives a report from each merchant.
  2. The funds are verified and released in your account. You’ll see an available status and how much cash back is available to withdraw now.
  3. You’ll need to request your cash back redemption from the company.
  4. Within 2 to 3 days you’ll see the money in your bank account.
  5. Currently, the company can only transfer your funds to your personal bank account.


This is an excellent way for people living in India to receive cash back for items they’ve purchased online or in the store. This only applies to merchants that are in India and have signed up with the company. This is a legitimate way to earn money back on items that you purchase each day. The company has partnered with over 200 merchants that own a business or online business. In doing so, they receive a commission for each item you purchase through their website or app. The commission is then divided between you and the company. In return for shopping with the company, you’ll be given part of the commission as a cash back reward. You can take the money you’ve earned from shopping and transfer it to your bank account. Each time you use the app to shop online or in a store, you’ll earn a cashback reward from the company.


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Quidco – Cashback, Discounts & Voucher Codes App Review – Legit or Scam

Quidco is a company who offers you Cashback, discounts and voucher codes to use while shopping online or at your local retailer near you. The app and website are so easy to use. All you need to do is search for the retailer you want to shop at. Take a look for the items you’re interested in buying and buy the item through the website or app. The company will give you a cash back incentive for using their website or app to purchase your item. It is so simple to shop and save using the website or mobile app. Just click on Shop Now to complete your purchases and your saving will be deposited into your account.

How Does It Work?

  1. If you’re using a mobile device, you’ll need to download and install the app on your mobile device. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. You can easily download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  2. Once installed create your account with Quidco
  3. Certain retailers will offer you a bonus offer if you sign up to Quido through their company. However, you’ll need to make a qualifying purchase to receive this bonus offer.
  4. The company you’ve used the bonus offer through will keep track of your purchases. Within a few days, the company will add your sign up bonus to your account. This will be a separate entry from the company. You’ll receive your cashback offer in one entry and your bonus offer in a second entry.
  5. The company has over 4000 retailers that offer all kinds of products for you to choose from.
  6. You can easily search on the app or website for the product you’re looking for.
  7. The company will display the listing of all retailers that offer this product through Quidco.
  8. You can also use the listing on the site to search for your items. They have the different products broken down into categories.
  9. You can also shop at a retailers market and receive the same cash back bonuses as through their online stores. All you need to do is register your card with the market that you want to shop at.
  10. The company has a referral program that you can use. You’ll receive a referral code that you can share with your friends and family. If someone joins the site using your referral code you can earn a bonus that you can withdraw right away from the site. However, this person must have at least earned £5 cash back in their account before the company sends you a bonus.
  11. Quidco is a company that is based in the UK and offers cash back rewards to anyone shopping through their website or mobile app.

Quidco Premium Membership:

  1. The company has a premium membership that it offers to all its customers.
  2. You can choose this membership through the setting on your account.
  3. When you join the premium membership you’ll receive extra customer support, live chat, and call-backs from the company.
  4. Furthermore, your account will no longer display ads on your pages.
  5. The company offers all this for just £5 a year. This money is deducted from your account cash back bonus.
  6. Once you’ve upgraded your account to a premium membership, you’ll need to wait one year before canceling this membership and returning back to the basic membership.

How Much Cash Back Can You Earn?

  1. The company is an affiliate company that works with over 4000 retailers. Each item on the site is sold through their affiliate program. The site is paid a commission on each item you purchases. Therefore, they pass part of the commission on to you as a cashback reward when you buy from their company.
  2. Each retailer has their own cash back rules they use on the site.
  3. On each retailer’s page, you’ll find a list of items and how much the retailer offers you as a cashback incentive for purchasing the items through Quidco.
  4. The site clearly marks each item and the rates of cash back so there is no question about how much you’ll earn when purchasing the item.
  5. Retailers won’t pay you cash back on VAT or delivery charges. You’ll only earn the cash back on the purchase price of the item.

Cash Back Declined:

  1. From time to time cash back is declined by the company. This can happen for a few different reasons. However, the company is always there to help you resolve this problem.
  2. You can be denied your cash back because:
    1. You didn’t meet the terms and conditions of the sale.
    2. You have returned the item back to the store or you’ve canceled your purchase.
    3. When you ordered the item through the website, you closed the window to Quidco. You must keep this open through the entire order, check out and payment process to receive your cash back from Quidco.
    4. When you shopped through Quidco you used an external voucher code during your purchase. You can only use Quidco voucher codes when shopping through their company to earn your cash back.

How Does the Company Pay You?

  1. The company has several payment methods that you can choose from. Each method has a minimum amount you can withdraw.
  2. You can receive an e-Card, payment to your PayPal account or a direct deposit to your bank account.
  3. You’ll need at least £1 cash back credit in your account to apply for payment.
  4. Some methods of payment you’ll need to have a higher balance before the payment can be sent to you.

Who Can Use the App or Website?

  1. This is a UK based company and most of the offers they have are for the UK and other European countries.
  2. It doesn’t have any restrictions about who can sign up and take advantage of the cash back offers from the site.
  3. However, most of the markets listed on the site are based in the UK and Europe. If you live outside of these areas, but love to shop at this markets listed on the site, you can join the site and earn cash back rewards.


This is a legitimate app that offers you cash back incentives for using their app or website to make your purchases online. The company is based in the UK and is an affiliate marketing company. The company earns a commission on each item you purchase through their website or app. This commission is split between you and the company. Each item on the site clearly states how much money you’ll earn when you buy this item.

If you’d like to join the affiliate team of Quidco it is easy. You’ll receive your own referral code to use. Each time you refer a new member to the site, you’ll earn a bonus from the company. The person that has been referred by you must first earn £5 in their account before the bonus is paid to you.


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Curious Cat: Money for Surveys App Review – Legit or Scam

Curious Cat is a survey company based out of UK. The app was created by On Device Research Company to help brands acquire the data they need. The company pays you in GBP currency directly deposited to your PayPal account. You can find and download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. The company offers you different surveys to take and a chance to earn extra rewards for downloading and testing out different apps. After testing the apps, you’ll have a set of questions to answer before receiving your rewards. The app isn’t available worldwide and has a few restrictions as to who can use this app.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to download and install the app on your mobile device. The app can be found on the Google Play Store for Android devices or on the App Store for iOS devices. The app can only be used on your mobile phone.
  2. The company requires you to complete the sign-up process before using the app. This is a simple process to complete and requires you to enter your mobile device phone number.
  3. The company must verify who is working on their account and this is why a phone number is required during sign up.
  4. You’ll have to use the two-way authentication process if you’d like to work for this company.
  5. This process ensures that people are not trying to use a VPN or Proxy server to work on the app.
  6. In order to continue to use the app, Curious Cats needs you to grant permission to the app. The app needs to check your mobile device number to verify you are a legitimate person and not using a VPN or Proxy server to access this app.

How To Earn Money Using the App?

  1. Surveys are just one of the ways you can earn money on the app.
  2. The app has 4 different types of surveys you can participate in. You’ll be sent simple questionnaires, consumer diary studies, opinion polls, and short conventional surveys.
  3. Each survey you complete earns you 20 to 200 points according to how difficult the survey is.
  4. You’ll have different offers to download and install apps on your mobile device.
  5. Each app must be installed and used for a period of time. When the time expires you’ll receive a series of questions to answer. Upon completion of your questions, you’ll be rewarded 20 to 200 points in your account. The points are awarded based on the amount of work and difficulty of each app.
  6. There isn’t a referral system to use on this app. Therefore, you won’t be able to earn extra money referring your friends.

What Do People Say About the App?

  1. The company sends your payment to PayPal instantly.
  2. There is a low payment threshold to meet in order to request a payment from the company.
  3. Many people don’t like to use their mobile phone number to register with.
  4. People like the idea the app is secure and keeps scammers off it.
  5. The phone numbers help keep the app legal and secure. This prevents scammers and fraud of the app.
  6. The company has an excellent support team that will help you with any issues you have.
  7. The app is restricted and not everyone can join the app.
  8. Many people want a referral program and the app doesn’t offer one.
  9. There have been several technical issues using the app.
  10. People would like to see this offered on the website and not only through your mobile phone.
  11. Each survey makes you go through a screening process before starting the surveys.
  12. Surveys normally take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

How does the Company Pay?

  1. For every 100 points you earn on the app it is converted to £ 1.
  2. You only need £ 1 in your account to request payment from the company.
  3. You’ll need to enter your mobile device phone number when requesting payment.
  4. The money is instantly sent to your PayPal account.


This is a legitimate app and will pay you for taking surveys and downloading, testing, and answering questions about different apps. The company is located in the UK and pays in GBP currency. Unfortunately, this app is restricted to several countries and not everyone can download and use the app. You can only install this app on your mobile phone because you’ll need to use your phone number to register with the company. Furthermore, you’ll need to give the app permission to access your device. The company doesn’t have a referral system, but it has two ways of earning money from the app. You can take surveys or test apps and answer a set of questions when you’re done.



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Survey Monkey App Review – Legit or Scam

Survey Money is an app that was created by the company called SurveyMonkey Productivity. The company created a software package that was easy for businesses to use. A business can now download and install their app on any mobile device. The software supports all iOS and Android device. You can easily download the app at the Google Play Store or at the App Store. A company can now create surveys that will help them test products or customer’s opinions.

Furthermore, this isn’t only an app for creating surveys. As a consumer, you can download and install this app on either your iOS or Android device. There are plenty of surveys you can take using this app. However, instead of being paid to take surveys, you get to elect what charity you’d like to donate your money too. Furthermore, you have a chance to win many different prizes and contests when you take a survey using this app.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to download and install the app on your mobile device. You can find the app on the App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. As a business owner, you have several packages to choose from to create your surveys. The company offers 4 different business packages and prices for you to select from.
  3. As a consumer, the account is free and all you need to do is register with the app.
  4. You’ll receive survey offers through your email address. Furthermore, with this app, you can find the survey to take through various social media sites.
  5. Fill out and complete the survey.
  6. When you’re done they will ask you what charity you’d like to use to donate your earning to.
  7. Each survey you take, the earnings are donated to your favorite charity.
  8. Furthermore, there are a number of surveys on the app that offer you a chance to enter into one of the sweepstakes or drawing. There you can win cash or prizes depending on the company sending out the survey.
  9. Every survey you take on the app will donate money to the charity of your choice and enter you into drawing to win prizes.
  10. If you win a cash prize on the app, the money is automatically donated to the charity you’ve selected.

What Languages Does the App Support?

  1. The app supports more than one language and it is easy to take a survey in your native language. Furthermore, it is easy for a company to create different surveys in the different languages. The app currently supports the following languages:
    1. English
    2. Español
    3. Portuguese
    4. French
    5. Deutsch
    6. Nederlands
    7. Русский
    8. Italian
    9. English UK
    10. Dansk
    11. Svenska
    12. Türkçe
    13. Norsk
    14. Suomi

How Does it Pay?

  1. Many companies worldwide use SurveyMonkey to find out important questions about their products and service.
  2. When you choose to participate in one of these surveys or a poll the company conducting these surveys will ask you to choose a charity.
  3. Each survey you complete the company conducting the survey will send the charity of your choice $0.50.
  4. Otherwise, some companies choose to hold a drawing or sweepstakes for their surveys. When you complete the survey your name is automatically entered into the drawing or sweepstakes the company is holding.
  5. The company will notify you by email if you’ve won one of the prizes.

What Do People Like About This App?

  1. You can pick and choose from a variety of surveys in a variety of different language.
  2. The app works great if you don’t want to use your native language to complete the surveys.
  3. It is easy to create surveys in different languages so you can reach a larger audience.
  4. Many people love the idea of donating their earning to a charity or a rescue group for animals.
  5. You are never disqualified and the company performing the survey needs everyone feedback. This way you know you’re not wasting your time and your favorite charity is earning a small donation from you.


The app is legitimate and many companies download and use the app to create consumer surveys and polls. As a consumer, there are many different types of surveys you can take. When taking the survey it doesn’t waste your time and disqualifies you during the survey. It is easy to finish each survey or poll. In the end, you feel good because you are helping out others. Each survey you complete will give the charity of your choice $0.50. Furthermore, for each survey, you complete your name is automatically entered in the drawings and sweepstakes on the app.


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Cashback App Review – Legit or Scam

The Cashback App is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices or on the App Store for iOS devices. The loyalty program works in Austria and any other country worldwide. The company is an international company that has 80,000 Loyalty Partners around the globe. The loyalty program currently supports 18 different markets across Austria. Depending on where you live it is easy to search on the app or website to find a Loyalty Partner near you. Furthermore, you can use the Cashback loyalty program to shop online.

How Does it Work?

  1. You can go to the Google Play Store or the App Store to download and install the app on your mobile device.
  2. Visit the website to complete your online registration for free.
  3. When you sign up online you’ll earn 3 free shopping points from the company.
  4. You’ll receive an email in your inbox that asks you to confirm your email address. Just click on the link to activate your account.
  5. If you prefer to use a Cashback card it is easy to obtain one at any of the local Cashback shops in your area.
  6. You can register for Cashback World at any one of the shops listed on the website or that display the Cashback World sign in their window.
  7. The shop will give you a credit card-style Cashback World card to use when shopping at any of the participating Cashback World merchants in your area.
  8. When you shop at any partners Cashback Store you’ll receive purchase benefits. The benefits include Cashback, shopping points, and if you recommend a friend, you’ll earn Friendship Bonus points.
  9. Each purchase you make in one of the Cashback loyalty shops will earn you up to 5% cash back bonus.
  10. Each time you shop at one of the loyalty shops listed on the site, you’ll also earn shopping points. The shopping points can be exchanged for any of the loyalty shops on the site. This gives you special price advantages when shopping in the market of your choice.

How Does The Company Pay You?

  1. Each time you make a purchase at one of the Cashback loyalty shops you’ll receive up to 5% cash back rewards for your purchase.
  2. The money is credited to your account and you can see your earnings under My Benefits.
  3. You’ll need to accumulate 5 Euros in your account in order to receive your payment.
  4. The company will only transfer your funds to your private bank account.
  5. The company will only pay out each week on Tuesday.


This is an excellent loyalty app to install and use on your mobile device. Furthermore, you can use the website to find Cashback Loyalty Partners near you or online. The company is international and has over 80,000 different loyalty partners worldwide. The company is located in Austria and the FAQ section of the site is only in German. However, it is easy to translate this to receive help on any of your question you might have. The program is excellent and will offer you up to 5% cash back when shopping at one of the loyalty partners businesses. Furthermore, with each purchase, you’ll receive shopping points that can be applied to discounts at any of the loyalty partner’s shops on the app.