The Dollar Stretcher Review – Legit or Scam

The Dollar Stretcher is a blog site that is dedicated to helping people live better lives for less. The site provides information on how people can save money and time. Furthermore, the site published its first newsletter in January of 1998. Afterward, the site started a weekly newsletter that they send out to 200,000 people online. The website is visited by more than 1 million people each month. In addition to the newsletter, the site posts daily articles and updates.

Writer’s Qualifications:

  1. The site is looking for experts on the subject about finance, saving time and money.
  2. If you’re not an expert in your field, it’ll be necessary to find an expert. You’ll need to find a person who can offer a few quotes or some insight into the article you’re writing.
  3. The site doesn’t want quotes taken off the internet; they’re looking for original quotes from experts, on the subject.
  4. When you quote an expert. it is possible to mention their website or book they’ve written.
  5. Also, provide statistics for your article if necessary. People love statistics and it’s important that you use them in your article.
  6. The length of your article should be 800 words or less. The majority of articles written on the site are 500 to 700 words long.

What Does the Site Want?

  1. The site is interested in a specific way to help people save money.
  2. They don’t want articles about 100 ways to save on your grocery shopping. However, if you can write an article about 8 to 10 ways to save money or reduce the cost of buying veggies or even hamburger, this will interest the site.
  3. People love how-to articles. If you can write any time or money-saving articles about how to save, this will be considered for publication.
  4. Ideas on how to save time and space.
  5. Creative ideas and ways to save on housing, clothes, and food.
  6. Any type of articles about the stages of life. It can be about babies, teens, college students, single parents, divorced parents, or even retirees.
  7. If you live with a partner, child or significant other who is non-frugal, we want to hear how you deal with this.

How Can You Write For the Site?

  1. Before you can write for the site, you must send a pitch to the site about the article you want to write.
  2. The site has over 10,000 articles already posted on the site; therefore, they don’t want to post an article that is the same as one they already have.
  3. They will consider revisiting one of their ideas if your pitch is different and can show some new ways or techniques that aren’t already posted.

How Does the Site Pay?

  1. If the company accepts your article and uses it in the monthly print version, you’re paid $0.10 per published word.
  2. Payment is sent out to you by a US check or by PayPal.
  3. The site is only paying for articles they use in the monthly print version. If your article appears on the site, the company is able to pay a few of the authors who don’t want to link backs to their book or site.

How to Submit Your Article:

  1. After the site approves your pitch, you’ll need to write your article.
  2. Once the article is completed, you’ll email the article to the site.
  3. When you email the article, it’s necessary to indicate if this is for the online submission or the print submission. This is important to put this on your email.
  4. If you fail to mark your article, they’ll send it back to you to mark before they review it.


This is a legitimate site to write for. However, they only publish their newsletter once a month and space are limited. Therefore, you must have a fantastic article and be an expert in your field to be published in this newsletter. However, if your article is of interest, the site does pay a few authors for writing on the site. Otherwise, you can submit the article and they will add your bio and link it back to your book or website.



InstantShift Review – Legit or Scam

InstantShift is a blog site that covers any and all things related to design. If you enjoy writing about new technology in the design industry then this is the perfect site for you. You can write about new design technology about photography, icons, fonts, CSS, WordPress, Website Design, tools, and more. The company encourages freelancers to write for them and has a few guidelines to follow to submit your ideas before writing up your articles.

How to Become an Author on InstantShift:

  1. Anyone can write for the site because they don’t have any specific set of requirement so submit articles.
  2. The site is always looking for new talent, skills, and a passion towards writing.
  3. The team of editors on the site will provide you assistance, suggestions, and ideas on how to improve your article.
  4. Furthermore, you can post your articles under your own name on the site.
  5. The articles the site accepts and looks for are articles that have a fresh new content idea. You must research your article, be original, clear about what you’re writing, and talk about for a specific design topic.

What the Site Requires From Contributing Authors:

  1. When writing for the company they need your first and last name.
  2. If you have a website, you’ll need to submit the site’s URL.
  3. Write a short bio about yourself and describe who you are and what you do.
  4. You’ll also need a gravatar to write for the site. If you don’t have one, it is easy to create one.

What Does the Site Pay?

  1. There are a few writers on the site that write for free. In return, the site adds their blog or website links and a bio at the end of the articles.
  2. However, the site does pay writers and your pay is based on the volume, content, and quality of your article. You’ll need to discuss this with the site before starting your article. You can do this in the writer’s form on the site.

How to Submit Your Pitch to the Site:

  1. You can either send an email to the company or fill in the form on the site.
  2. In the form or email, you’ll need to full name, email address, what subject you want to write about, and a pitch outlining a few details of your article.
  3. Send the company your email or submit the form on their site.


This is a legitimate site to write for as a freelancer. The site will pay you for the articles that you write. However, before submitting an article to the site, they require that you send them a pitch. They are interested in fresh new ideas about design and the design industry. So if you love to write technical articles, that deal with design, then this is the site for you. Furthermore, if you’re good at writing tutorials the site is interested in publishing them and negotiating payment with you.



The Expeditioner Review – Legit or Scam

The Expeditioner is a website about travel, travel stories, and anything to do with travel tips. The site allows freelancers to submit their stores for consideration. You can write anything about travel that deals with adventure, budget, beaches, news, food, female or male travel advice, photography, news, and tips. The site has a large variety of topics you can write about.

How to Submit Your Idea to The Expeditioner:

  1. The company wants an unsolicited article about your adventures and places you visited.
  2. You can either write up a pitch for the company or write up your article.
  3. Submit the article to the editor of the website Matt Stabile.
  4. Not all pitches or articles are accepted for publication on the site.

What Type of Stories Are They Looking For?

  1. Readers love first-person narratives. The story can be all different sizes and lengths. They are looking for stories that are 1,200 words and up.
  2. Now and then the company will publish top 10 pieces.
  3. If they publish a non-narrative piece it must be inspiring, interesting and informative for future travelers.
  4. Your article will need original photographs. The site would like to see some of your original images online. If you store your images online, supply the link so they can view your images.
  5. All articles must be proofread and formatted for an American audience.

How to Pitch a Story to The Expeditioner:

  1. Write a fantastic introduction to your travel article. The lead to your article must be intriguing, and attention-grabbing.
  2. Don’t add your point of view, but add an angle to the story. Give a perspective that is fresh and unique
  3. Try to add clichés to your story. Use as many as possible. Words like charming, cute, rustic, and quaint are perfect examples of what should be included in your article.
  4. Talk about your experiences, not local dialog with others. Make the reader experience your adventure. You don’t need to write about how the local lives, or what they do at night. Write more about your experiences and what adventures you had that stick in your memories.
  5. When you end your article, end it with a nice cliché and something catchy that will make you want to visit there again.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. For each article the site accepts and publishes, they’ll pay you $30.
  2. You’ll need a PayPal account to accept payment from the company.


This is an excellent travel blog to write for that pays freelancers for their travel stories. The site is looking for first-person stories and adventures. Furthermore, the site wants original photography and a link to the images on your article. This way they can pick and choose a few of your images to feature with your story. You can either write a travel story or send in a pitch to the editor of the site. They will review your story or pitches and get back with you.


Blogs Review – Legit or Scam

Goodblogs is a website that hosts different blog sites that freelancers can write for. They have a unique platform that companies can use to increase their presences online and receive content for their blogs or website. Any freelancer worldwide can write for this company. The most popular Goodblogs site is The Flaming Vegan. If you’re a freelancer visit the site, select a category, write your article, find a dynamic image, and submit the article and photo to the company for review.

How to Write for Goodblogs:

  1. Anyone with a valid Facebook or Google account can join Goodblogs.
  2. You can choose to write a blog post for anyone of their platforms.
  3. Otherwise, just read the blog post and vote on the articles that you like.

How Does GoodBlogs Work?

  1. As a writer for the site, you’ll need to visit one of the hosted blog sites and select a category to write a blog post for.
  2. Blog posts are between 300 to 400 words long.
  3. Write your blog post; check your spelling and grammar before submitting it to the company.
  4. Find a quality image to accompany your blog post.
  5. The image must be 615 x 350 pixels for the site to accept your image.
  6. Submit your blog post and image for review.
  7. If the site accepts your blog post and image it will be published on the site.
  8. You’ll receive a notification that your blog post has gone live or that you’ll need to edit the blog post or find a new image.

What Sites Can You Write For?

  1. The Flaming Vegan – this is a vegan website that has different categories to write for. You can select to write a recipe, about vegan lifestyles, clothing, travel, family, organic garden, beauty, animal rights, and vegan books. The site pays $15 for every post that is voted up and appears on the top post section of the site.
  2. Of Horses is a blog site about horses and horse owners. If you’re interested in writing for this site, you can write about riding, competition & shows, apparel & fashion, horse care & health, training, travel & vacation, and anything random about horse stuff. You’ll be paid $15 if your post is voted up and moved to the top post section of the site.
  3. Travel Iowa is all about Iowa and the traveler. Here you can choose to write about arts & culture, events, family fun, food & drinks, places to go and the great outdoors. Each post that is voted up and moved to the top post section of the page is paid $20.
  4. Imagine Northeast Iowa is all about the people and events that take place in Allamakee, Buchanan, Chickasaw, Clayton, Fayette, Howard, and Winneshiek. You can write about the great outdoors, cultural activities, food & drink, events, people, places, waking on water series, summer trail series, fall faves, and winter wonderland series. Each time your article is voted to the top post section, the company pays you $15.
  5. Rolling Without Limits is a blog site that caters to the disabled. There you can write about accessible home design, health, lifestyle, employment, disability rights, products & equipment, quality of life, and travel. Each time on of your blog posts is moved to the top post section, the company pays you $20.

How Do You Earn with Goodblogs?

  1. In order to be paid for the article you write, you must earn points on the site.
  2. You’ll need to promote your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, to your friends, family, and any other social media site you choose.
  3. The most votes on the blog posts are moved to the top post section and are paid by the company.
  4. However, if you don’t earn enough votes, you’ll not be paid for your article on the site.
  5. Normally, the company moves one post each day to the top post section of the site and sends the person a payment to their PayPal account.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. The company pays either $15 or $20 to a blogger that has accumulated enough votes on his article. The articles with the most votes are selected by the editors of the site and moved to the top post section of the site.
  2. The company sends the blogger’s payment to their PayPal account.


This is a legitimate company and pays bloggers to write for their different sites. However, you have to earn votes on your articles in order to be paid by this company. The company pays one blogger each day and moves his blog post to the top post section of the site. All other bloggers are not paid. However, if you didn’t make the top post section today, there are no new blog posts added tomorrow, you’ll have a chance to be paid tomorrow if your post is moved to the top post section.

My Thoughts About this Site:

  1. I’ve written for Goodblogs for a number of years and was always paid by the company when my post was promoted to the paid section.
  2. What I don’t like about this company, is the fact that too many of the writers cheat to earn votes.
  3. This is a democratic voting system and you need to work hard to promote your work.
  4. If you can’t earn enough votes on your blog post, you’re not paid for your work.
  5. The company receives 15 to 20 new articles each day. It takes them over 72 hours to decide if they will post your article on the site or not.
  6. The site continues to reject articles because of the image you’ve selected.
  7. The site doesn’t have any rules to follow when selecting your image.
  8. You could resubmit one article 5 or 6 times because the editor didn’t like your image.
  9. In the beginning, it was easy to write for the site and earn from the articles you’ve written. However, today too many young bloggers have joined the site and found ways to get around their voting system. It’s impossible to compete with the new wave of bloggers. Normally, these bloggers find ways to earn 40 to 60 votes for each article they’ve written.
  10. The site tries its best to control the cheating and has implemented new rules for the site. Today, you need a Google or Facebook account to register, write, and vote on the site.
  11. The company relays on the computer program to verify IP address, votes and promoting the posts to the paid section of the site. This is unfair to many writers on the site because it doesn’t guarantee that members on the site aren’t cheating.


Increase Your Social Presence Review – Legit or Scam is a social exchange network where the members on the site perform different tasks on social media accounts. You earn points for liking a page, following a person, visiting a website and much more. Anyone who needs to build up their social media presence can use this site to pay people for liking their articles, images videos, and following them on other social media accounts such as Twitter.

How to Join the Site:

  1. You’ll need to register at the site using your email address, password, and username.
  2. Afterward, you’ll receive an email to verify your email address.
  3. Once you’ve verified your email address, you can log into the site and complete your profile.

How to Earn Money From the Site:

  1. Each task you perform on the site earns you a certain amount of points.
  2. You will look at the task available and choose the tasks you’d like to complete.
  3. On Facebook, you can earn points for liking pages, photos, and websites.
  4. For Twitter, you’ll need to follow a person to earn points.
  5. If you have a YouTube account you can earn points viewing and liking videos.
  6. With Google, you’ll be able to earn points with Google Profiles, Google buzz, Sparks, Hangouts, and Circles. Furthermore, you can earn points on Google for hitting Google Plus on certain accounts.
  7. You can also earn from StumbleUpon by sharing your website pages with the members on the site. This will help you receive important backlinks to your site.
  8. There are other ways to earn points from Instagram, Pinterest, and SoundCloud Exchange,

Bonus Program:

The site now has a bonus program for the top user of the site. You will earn extra rewards each week for your participation and referrals. How to earn extra points on the site:

  • Earn an extra 5000 credits for being the top user on the site. This is based on how many points you earn during the week.
  • Second place earns 3000 credits.
  • Third place earns 1500 credits.
  • If you are in fourth to tenth place you’ll receive 1000 credits.
  • Places 11 to 25 earn an extra 800 credits.
  • Places 26 to 50 earn an extra 400 credits.
  • Places 51 to 100 earn 200 credits.
  • Places 101 to 200 earn 100 credits.

Each week you have a chance to earn extra credits by participating in the site. So the more likes, follows, or the tasks you perform on the site, earns you a chance to receive extra points. Each Saturday night the company resets the counters and the new contest begins for the next week.

What Client’s Are Saying About the Site:

  • Pros:

  1. Many people like the fact that it helps them to promote their social media status online.
  2. A few customers have found Like4Like excellent for receiving interactions and SERP positive rank.
  3. People like the website and think it is easy to use. They claim that the site has lots of traffic.
  4. People like the service because it helps others to support you on your social media accounts.
  • Cons:

  1. Several people used this service to grow their social media account. In the end, they found out that all the likes they paid for on Facebook were removed and they lost even more likes on Facebook.
  2. Every follows or like on YouTube was deleted the next day. People would only like or follow the YouTube channel to be paid. Once paid they’d go in and unfollow and unlike the channel.
  3. Facebook automatically deletes all likes on pages now. There is no need to pay for people to like your Facebook pages.
  4. A few people used this site and had their account banned.
  5. Facebook or the people on the site delete their likes within 48 hours.
  6. The company has a bad customer service.
  7. When you report a problem to the company, they might refund a few of your credits back to you. However, you’ll never receive all your credits for the likes and follows people have deleted from your accounts.
  8. People who worked on the site an entire day to like accounts and to receive likes back had problems afterward. The next day the likes they received had disappeared and they’ve wasted an entire day on the site.

How Does the Company Pay You?

  1. You can’t exchange your credits earned on the site for cash.
  2. You can only use the credits on the site to pay other site members to like or follow one of your social media accounts.
  3. You’ll use the earned credits on the site to start your own campaign to pay credits out of your account to other members on the site. When another member on the site likes your YouTube video, the credits in your account are deducted and added to the other member’s account.


This is a legitimate social media exchange site. You’ll earn credits on the site for following or liking other member’s social media accounts. The credits you earn on the site will be used to promote your own social media account and pay members of the site to like or follow you. The site has no payout and does not offer you money to work on the site. However, they do offer you a way to grow your social media accounts for a little work each day.

My Thoughts About this Site:

  1. This is one way to help promote your social media accounts. However, this is not the best way to grow your social media presence.
  2. Facebook now deletes all page likes on accounts when they suspect a person is using one of these services. So no matter if you earned page likes from people visiting your pages, Facebook will delete them too.
  3. People spend hours on end working on this site, only to find out that the people who’ve liked or followed one of their social media accounts have unfollowed or deleted their like.
  4. I believe there is a better way to promote your social media accounts than to use a service like this. However, if you want to get your social media accounts off the ground and need a boost, this is one way to do it.


Forum Posting

Money Gold Forum Review – Legit or Scam

Money Gold Forum is a new pay per post forum. There you can earn money for starting a new thread, completing offers, and replying to an existing thread. The forum is based on helping people make money online. The members of the forum introduce new money making programs that people can join to earn a passive income online. Furthermore, the members of the forum share with you their payment proof so that you can see if the site is legitimate or not..

How to Join:

  1. You’ll need to register with the site. This requires you to enter your email address, password, and username for the site.
  2. You’ll need to verify your email address.
  3. After you’ve registered with the site, you’ll need to complete your profile and upload an avatar to use on the site.

How to Earn Money on the Site:

  1. For posting a new thread you earn 5 MGF points. This converts to $0.05 per thread.
  2. Each post (normally this is only on your first reply to a thread) earns you 3 MGF points, which is $0.03.
  3. Each reply on the same post earns you 0.5 MGF points.
  4. Your rating earns you 0.25 MGF points.
  5. Each referral you have on the site earns you 15 MGF points.

Is There a Post Limitation?

  1. You are allowed to make 15 new threads or post in a single day.
  2. This can be a combination of new threads, posts, and replies.

Posting rules:

  1. Don’t post SPAM on the forum. It will be removed and your account will be penalized.
  2. Don’t send unsolicited messages to forum members. If you are reported by another member, your account will be penalized. If you continue to send unsolicited messages, you’ll be banned.
  3. You can use your website or referral link in your signature.
  4. You’re not allowed to post one reply after another on any given thread. You’ll need to wait for another member to reply to the topic before you can answer again.

How does the Site Pay?

  1. Once your account has reached 1000 MGF points you can request payment on your account. For every 1000 MGF points, it equals $5.
  2. The admin takes u to 72 hours to verify your payment. He checks your posts to make sure you’ve followed the rules and the posts don’t contain any illegal links or spam.
  3. You’ll receive your payment by PayPal.
  4. When you request payment, you’re responsible for paying the PayPal fees on the payment received.


Update: April 5, 2018 – The site has finally corrected all their problems and is now starting to pay their members again. Furthermore, when you first register with the forum you will now be rewarded with 150 coins. Hopefully, we won’t see any more problems with this site and the owner will continue to pay people to post on his forum. This site is no longer a SCAM site but it is legitimate to go there and work again.

Update: as of January 31, 2018, the site has stopped paying people who worked on there. They are no longer answering their emails, coming to the site, and won’t tell the members on the forum what is happening. I am now changing the status of this site to scam because of what is happening on there. If the forum starts paying again and I can prove that people are receiving their payment, I’ll update this post. Until then, don’t waste your time on this site and stop working on it if you are a member.

My Thoughts About this Forum:

  1. This forum has a different forum software, however, the layout and format are the same as BeerMoney Forum.
  2. It looks like the owner of this forum has stolen or copied some of the topics and format from another forum.
  3. In his forum rules, they read word for word like the other forum.
  4. In one area of his forum, he states you can make 20 posts a day on the forum. However, when a member asks him how many posts they are allowed, he states now it is only 15.
  5. The only basic difference I see on this forum is the owner is allowing people to post new topics in Arabic or other languages.
  6. The forum is not very active and it takes a long time to earn 1000 points to receive $5 from the forum.
  7. Anyhow, this is still a good forum to visit if you’re interested in earning a passive income and learning about making money online.
  8. The discussions are interesting, you can learn from the other forum members experience on the different sites, and you can find out what programs to stay away from.
  9. The members on the forum are very vocal about what sites pay them and what sites have scammed them.
  10. This is a new forum and is just getting started. You won’t find that much information on it yet. However, if the forum continues to pay, you’ll see more information added to the forum.

Has anyone rejoined the site after the owner has opened it up again? What are your thoughts about the new improvements and money you earn? Looking forward to hearing about the site after it’s opened again. Leave your comments below to help others understand and join this site.


Forum Posting

CPA Hero Forum Review – Legit or Scam

CPA Hero Forum is a CPA based forum for making money online. The forum offers you different tips on affiliate marketing. Here’s what you can find on this forum:

  • Prizes, giveaways, and freebies
  • Advertising networks for CPI, PPC, CPA, and CPC
  • Advice on the best CPA networks
  • The best PPC networks
  • Find the best CPI mobile networks
  • Learn about the affiliate program
  • Investment proposals and joint venture tips
  • Ways you can make money online
  • Blackhat and white hat SEO tips
  • Blackhat and white hat social media promotion methods and tips
  • Website and landing page design
  • CPA hosting companies
  • All about programming
  • Learn about Bitcoin and CryptoCoins

How to Join:

  1. You’ll need to register with the forum and enter your email address, password and forum username.
  2. Verify your email account.

How Does the Site Work?

  1. The site gives you points for different the tasks that you perform.
  2. You are awarded the points for creating a new thread, replying to a thread, referring a new member, and rating a thread.
  3. The site is a forum based site where you can choose your topic, read existing threads or write a new thread of your own.

How to Earn Points:

  1. For each new thread you write on the site, you’re awarded 50 points.
  2. A new reply to an existing thread earns you 10 points.
  3. For each new referral that signs up on the site under your referral code, you’ll earn 100 points.
  4. Each time you rate a post, you’ll earn 5 points.

How Does the Site Pay?

  1. Basically, there is no cashout or payment from the site.
  2. The points you earn on the site are used to buy advertising.
  3. You can spend the points in the online store to buy advertising, icon, and other types of information to help you earn money online.


This is one way a new website owner can afford to advertise his site without investing money out of his pocket. He can work on the site and earn enough points to pay for his advertising. The site is also an excellent way to learn about CPA and affiliate marketing.

My Thoughts About this Forum:

  1. I have found too many young and inexperienced users on the forum giving advice.
  2. It almost feels like some of the posts are full of spam.
  3. It is fine if you need to buy some advertising for a new website you’re trying to promote.
  4. The site doesn’t pay you for your work. You’ll spend your time on the site earning points so you can invest the points in advertising for your site.
  5. Many people say the forum is associated or connected with another CPA company called CPALeads. They feel like they are hiding the fact that the two companies are interrelated and work together.
  6. If you’re looking for a way to earn money online, then this site isn’t for you.
  7. I wouldn’t suggest joining this site and working on here unless you need to pay for some advertising.